Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love is Murder Con

I spend much of my free time involved with writer's groups and related activities. One of those activities revolves around being a member of the board for the Love Is Murder Con and we just finished our 2009 Con. Each year has been wonderful and full of exciting guests and participants who to this day are memorable but I believe 2009will stand out in the minds of many for awhile. The board made an annoucment after the Saturday night banquet that we were taking 2010 off. The reasons are really straight forward.

We're a small board and we've been doing a tremendous amount of work to keep the Con going and growing. In fact, it's grown beyond our wildest imagination and just gets bigger and better each year. I don't say this to diminish previous years because some of those previous years were the best for the very fact that they were smaller and more intimate. It's difficult to pick the best year because each has it's own qualities that make it enjoyable and memorable for different reasons. I'm grateful to have had all the years of this Con.

The board continues to meet and plan for 2011 and we are all excitedly exhausted about the 2009 Con that we are now wrapping up. We are thankful for all the participants who attended the 2009 Con from the avid readers to the publishing professionals and especially all the volunters who made it possible for the board to take a breather. Many of you have said you will continue to volunteer for Love Is Murder Con and we greatly need you to do so.

Please continue to stay in touch with us through our Website - for all the exciting developments that unfold for the 2011 Con. We would love to see you there.

Okay - back to my other writing activity - actually writing.

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