Saturday, February 21, 2009

Did I mention--

what a delight it was to have Jeffery Deaver at the 2009 Love Is Murder Con? It was intriguing listening to him talk with us at dinner. He shared some entries from a diary/journal that he has kept for years about his writing life and it was not only informative but he often had us laughing so hard our sides ached.

Deaver doesn't need me to say that he's a talented individual in so many rights but I was glad to discover at his web site his interest in the original story about Frankenstein penned by Mary Shelly. Here's his take on it:

I first read Frankenstein in high school and it is a story that has stayed with me all these years. The lessons in this tale are beyond the scary movies which those in my generation grew up with. The 1994 movie of the same title with Kenneth Branagh and Helena Bonham Carter was the most true to the book of any of the movies I've seen, but the book still holds the number one place for trueness to this tale of human nature imparted with the help of a monster.

And that is indeed the essence of human nature. We can look acceptable but be a monster inside and vice versa. As humans we tend to respond to facades, to illusions that feed what we want to see instead of digging for the truth. The truth is often ugly and escapism is alive and well in all aspects of human nature and society. As writers that's what we often exploit and give our readers. One might say that deluding our readers is part of what we do. Of course, take the delusion too far and you lose the reader's attention and even the readers themselves.

I think this is especially true with Mysteries. It's important to take our readers on a ride of mystery, suspense, thrills, or whatever type of genre we write but then deliver the goods in the end by making the story credible and tying up all the lose ends. My chosen genre is Romantic Suspense and while many think that would be such an easy genre in which to write, it isn't. It's quite challenging and get the romance and suspense out of whack and you get lost in the sea of editor rejections and reader dissatisfaction.

So, when you find that author who delivers a good story and takes you on a ride that leaves you wanting more, let them know. Most writers have websites where readers and fans can post comments.

Here's to reading a good and exciting book today and in the future! Give Mary Shelley's Frankenstein a chance.



Anonymous said...

Yes we all know wolves in sheeps clothing

People who hide the monster well, don't we?

Terri Stone said...

Dear Anonymous,

Maybe it's just the writer in me that has a strong ability to sense things from people, but your posting screams bitterness. Conventional wisdom and psychology indicates that this amount of bitterness usually stems from unresolved anger and rage from childhood. As adults we should be able to navigate through life's ups and downs without such intense negativity.

Regardless of your age I suggest you seek help from someone who can help you navigate your anger. Life is just too short to be so anger and bitter.

I do want to thank you for reading my blog and I wish you the best in your life.