Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Books as Gifts

Books are great gifts. Books stay with us and let us explore worlds that we may not be able to access any other way. I remember in elementary school reading Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson and being transported to a place different than any other I had ever known. As a class we read along with a record the teacher played where a narrator led us along an amazing adventure, but we read along. No visual stimulation other than the words. Our imgination was free to go where it wanted with the guidance of the words written and narrated.

Television was still in its infancy back then and my family only had a black and white one. At that time only rich people had color television sets when they first came out and nobody I knew had more than one black and white television set. Fast forward to today and I have a color television in almost every room. But I'm still a little behind the times because I don't have any LCD's or Plasma ones. Given the price drops in everything retail due to the current economic crisis I just might buy one for myself next year.

Anyway, one thing that television - regardless of the technological advances - can't provide is the freedom to escape via one's imagination with a good book. So, give a book to someone you care about - including yourself.

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