Sunday, August 10, 2008

Reaching a Milestone

I finished the final major rewrite of my first novel. The image of Rocky Balboa running up the stairs and reaching the top comes to mind. Anyone who has written a novel remembers their first time when they finished their final rewrite. It's the equivalent of scaling Mount Everest for writers. Don't believe me? Write a book and find out for yourself.

There's still minor editing work to be done on my novel and I still have to submit it, but I'm now one major step closer and I have greatly enjoyed the journey these past few months. More so than I expected.

I spent last week in a wonderful little place just northwest of Toronto. A place called Wiarton on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada. I've been going there for a number of years now but this was the first time after the recent changes in the dynamics of my family situation. It was a reflective time for me which greatly facilitated my work on my final rewrite. I found a contentment there I've never known before.

In addition to writing, I went on several runs keeping pace with my training for the Chicago Half-Marathon this fall. On the last one I was chased by a dog but better than a bear, eh! At the end of each run I'd practice my yoga to the setting sun on the bay - the only word that justifies this experience is perfect! I also helped pick beans on my friends farm and later helped prepare them for freezing to be part of many good and delicious meals in the future.

So, my query letter and synopsis are ready to go and now I just have to take that leap and actually submit my work for consideration.

Wish me luck.

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