Saturday, March 15, 2008

Other Writing opportunities

You may have noticed one of the features of my blog includes ads. I don't select these ads, they are fed via Google's AdSense program. I earn a small percentage of the ad revenue based on parameters such as page views and/or click throughs to the ads, depending on how the advertsising has contracted with Google.

I like to see who the advertisers are and I've actually found most of them to be quite interesting and they have led to some other writing opportunities, mostly non-fiction but I'm actually more comfortable with non-fiction writing than fiction. Probably because I've done so much technical and fact writing over the years and my many careers. I'm still working on my fiction but I'm finding that the non-fiction writing is giving me a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Moreover, the majority of the writing is artcile length that I can produce in short bursts of information or "Info Snacks" which hopefully will find a wider audience not only on the web but on other digital devices such as mobile phones, Blackberries, etc.

My favorite fiction challenege right now is my Therapy 101 blog because it's not only providing me with an outlet for my fiction writing but also the subject matter is helping me work through some of my own issues. As writers we really can't escape ourselves, can we? I remember seeing the book, Just Open A Vein by William Brohaugh, and thinking, "Yeah, that's right!" I haven't read the book yet but it definitely caught my attention.

So what are some of the other writing oppportunities that the ads on my blog are presenting? They include:

Some of these sites like zazzle are more oriented towards my poetry and I also am developing a tax calendar for writers but that's only at the projects-to-be-considered stage right now.

So, don't hesitate to check out online sites for publishing your articles while you are working on your fiction. Even non-fiction can be an extremely creative process that moves you further towards your ultimate publication goals.

Happy writing!

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