Sunday, March 23, 2008

My latest writing gig

My non-fiction projects are rolling along. I'm still rewriting my first romantic suspense novel but the non-fiction projects are providing me with a more immediate sense of accomplishment. Since I have such a strong background in the area of income taxes - having worked for a major tax preparation firm for 13 years - I decided to pursue the "info snack" approach to writing articles about areas of taxes that are relatively unknown to most people.

Check out my efforts on electronic filing and why you should do it and just why a baby needs a social security number (SSN). You can either click on the links below or go to and search for the articles.

E-file: The benefits of filing your taxes electronically

Why does a baby need a social security number (SSN)?

So, what's in this for me? Well, eventually I hope some money - check out Helium's writing guidelines and conditions for more information. Perhaps even more important right now is the ability to develop an online portfolio of my writing that will hopefully lead to bigger and better paying gigs.

I appreciate everyone's support and have a happy writing day!

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