Sunday, March 2, 2008

Looking for rainbows

I've decided to throw in a poem in which I wrote back in July 07 under the name Vashtie.

Here it is:

Looking For Rainbows

A hungry man
But not for food
His hunger ran
For a love no good

A love that cost him
More than he wanted to pay
A love that lost him
Precious time each day

He was looking for love
In a faraway rainbow
While ignoring the love
That gave him a chance to grow

That love was for him
For the soul of the man he is
But he still sought to dim
The past ache of an unfulfilled kiss

That yearning for what could have been
Consumed his better judgement
He reached for the carrot and spin
That took him back to an earlier juggernaut

He was used, abused and thrown aside
Wanted only for the shining star he became
And not for the man who dwelled inside
A shell of a little boy and his hide-n-seek game

Now there is another chance to find
The true color of love here on earth
To reach out and touch a heart in kind
That will fuel loves eternal hearth

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