Saturday, March 29, 2008

Getting Results

Sometimes as writers we get discouraged because of all the rejection that goes with the territory of submitting to publishers. So, it's important to seek out those opportunities that provide positive opportunities and feedback. I've been experiencing some of those lately.

Even though the monetary aspect isn't significant at the moment, the feedback from readers has been incredibly uplifiting, especially for my Therapy 101 blog which is a fictional and episodic story about a therapist named Georgia who is struggling with her own demons through her patients while maintaining a delicate balance with her rebellious teenage daughter. Some of the emotion is from my own experiences and I've been blending this with observations I've made of people over the years and of course using my insights and imagination. It's an incredible mixture and I'm really enjoying the process. Just yesterday a reader asked me when the next episode was coming out because she was "hooked" and couldn't wait. That's music to my ears as I suspect it would be for any writer.

Please check it out -

I've also been publishing more articles on about taxes. Right now they have been generalized and not specifically written for writers - although I have been working on those types of tax articles as well. However, my most recent posting about the Tax Gap is a must-read for writers even right now. So, please check it out:

It's free to read but you can greatly help me by reading the article and I know you'll find it very informative. The money is minimal right now but I'm developing a body of work that I can leverage in the future. It's also a way to build a solid readership.

As always - have a happy and successful writing day!


Lindsay Longford said...

Terri, just curious, but have you seen the HBO series w/Gabriel Byrne? In Therapy?

Terri Stone said...

Not yet but I've seen reviews. I actually had the idea for my Therapy 101 blog and story line years ago. It was definitely interesting when it came out.