Sunday, March 9, 2008

Baby steps and second acts

I've been making progress on my final edits of my novel and I'm not obsessing about making it perfect. Still I'm a bit impatient and a novel takes time to write and rewrite/edit. In the meantime I've published a poem as part of Ranger Against War Story Project - check it out:

I've had an idea for another project for a long time and I'm blogging a episodic story at:

We'll see how it goes. It's nice to have something of a length that affords me a sense of completion sooner than a novel does. At the same time it actually helps me progress with my novel.

In case you think you're too old to write - check out the article by Frank McCourt in Parade Magazine at:

It's a great article to keep nearby when I get frustrated with my progress or lack thereof.

One of the features on my blog is an Adsense where Google ads appear. One of the ads that appeared addressed providing content for profit for the Amazon Kindle Reader, so I'm going to do some more research on that.

Seems like lots of folks are getting into digital feeds of a variety of materials. It will be interesting to see the stats on which types do well. My sense is that shorter material is better. Seems folks, especially younger generations, are embracing Info Snacks over longer material. Part of this is driven by the device they're using to read but also by the amount of time and where they have to read.

A number of publishers have recently put out the call for shorter material for the ebook program. Harlequin is just one example:

The possibilities are very intriguing.

Memoirs are one of the best selling types of books out there but it will be interesting to see how the latest fake memoir scandal affects this. Margaret Seltzer using the name Margaret B. Jones wrote a memoir that was marketed as a gang memoir and it was climbing the charts until her sister turned her in. Didn't she think her real family would notice?

Well, signing off and more baby steps for me tomorrow.

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