Friday, February 29, 2008

Stone's Throw from Hurting

Life likes to throw rocks at us from time to time and I've recently had a boulder dropped on me. This blog isn't about the boulder but rather about some realities I've had to face to include admiting that I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD. It's something I've lived with most of my life but not really been able to identify until recently. It's funny because the series Monk first got me thinking about OCD. What's funny is that while he's a neat freak, I've surrounded myself with stuff, lots and lots of unnecessary stuff - something that I now am working very hard to change especially since it has cost me so dearly in my personal life.

I can see what this has also cost me in my writing life. I have obsessively gone over my writing again and again waiting to get it just perfect before I dare submit anything to an editor/publisher or agent. Well, that's about to change and I look forward to being able to post positive results - okay I'm being a wide-eyed optimst here but hey as my daughter and I have found out recently - Reality Bites!!!! sometimes. And sometimes you have to just take the positive approach or you'll fall apart. I am choosing the former.

Wish me well on my road to recovery and on the road to publishing success.

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