Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Novelist's Boot Camp Does Dallas

Todd and I are off to the National Conference for the Romance Writers of America (RWA). Todd will be presenting a workshop called:

Unstick Yourself: A Dozen Dynamite Drills from Novelist's Boot Camp.

We've been to many, many writers conferences but this is our first time for RWA National and we are really looking forward to it. It's also the first time without the kid. The now 21-year-old kid so probably about time. I'm hoping for some much needed alone time with my husband although a national conference with 2,000 (mostly women) other attendees doesn't sound very alone, especially when he will spend most of that time in a kilt!

But we've gotten better at taking more alone time in the past few weeks - lots of motorcycle rides which he has always enjoyed and I just re-embraced, but also time to just sit together, drink coffee, stare into each others eyes and more. Sounds simple but that's what we let slip away over the past several years and that's what we've needed the most.

In trying to work out some of our issues recently, I likened marriage to a lawn (guys love their lawns!). When the lawn isn't maintained and nutured then weeds are very attracted to that lawn and have a better chance of taking root and keeping the lawn from being healthy and united. Todd and I have pulled a bunch of weeds out of our lawn lately both literally and figuratively. Some weeds were unfinished business from the past that have now been contained and eliminated. Bottom line is that it's the lawn owners responsibility to make sure weeds can't get in and anchor.

Next a trip to the hardware store - another place where guys like to indulge themselves.

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Jude said...

Why will your husband spend most of his time in a kilt? In a hotel with 2000+ women, he is going to be one popular man. Let's hope he doesn't trigger any RT flashbacks, or you might have to stage a rescue. :)

Anyway, have fun at National! I look forward to your posts. :) I have added your blog to the blogroll for Blogging National.