Thursday, July 12, 2007

Blogging From RWA National

Well, after some iffy travel experiences we finally made it to Dallas and are now in the same hotel as the RWA National conference. We had to spend the first night in a different hotel because only three of the nights we are here were available in the conference hotel. Add travel manager to the many hats a self-employed author and his/her signficant other have to wear.

Todd and I are finding it ironic that when we left Chicago just yesterday, the weather had finally turned nice, just in time for us to come to Dallas and find the hot humid weather that was finally relenting in Chicago. Ah well, timing is everything.

We've been making new friends here and are pleasantly surprised how many have come up to Todd and have raved about his book Novelist's Boot Camp. His workshop is tomorrow night and we are optimistically hopeful that lots of eager faces will show. We're going to work the crowds the rest of the day to entice them to spend their Friday night with us instead of going out on the town. I think spending time with Todd and his Dozen Dynamite Drills from Novelist's Boot Camp is definitely the preferred place to be.

The keynote speaker at the luncheon today was Lisa Kleypas, whose first book was published when she was just 21. She told a fascianting story of her journey over the past 20 years as a published author. Let's just say that armadillos were featured. Seriously though, it was a great speech and she echoed many of the issues both aspiring and published authors face and that Todd and I talk about at our workshops and other venues.

On the plane ride to Dallas, I decided to read The Writer magazine that I had received in the mail just the day before. I recommend that everyone get their hands on the August issue (or go to to see what the cover looks like), but it's the article on the Edgar finalists and winner. That article is fascinating because it dissects the journey each writer took to get to the point of having their book published. Again, something Todd and I talk about frequently when we present at conferences and other writing related programs.

Well, gotta go - Todd's throwing stuff around the hotel room anxious to get going on the things we need to get done today. Although I have to say that it's been nice to be by ourselves this trip. The grown-up daughter stayed home. Someone asked me who was babysitting and I said, "The dog, of course." Now before you take that the wrong way, we have a 14-year-old West Highland Terrier, and being both a Terrier and Scottish he knows what needs to be done and when.

But back to being alone. I often joke that I want to co-write an erotic romance with Todd so we can do the research. Let's just say that lately, and especially on this trip, we've done enough research to write quite a few.

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