Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Passion or Disease?

Anybody who has been writing for awhile and been around other writers has to wonder at some point what is wrong with all of us.

Think about it!

We toil for hours if not days or even years to produce a written product, such as a novel that we desperately hope some editor will love enough to plop down a fat advance for and even request more future works. That's our fantasy.

Our reality is usually filled with rejection letters from both editors and agents and when we are rewarded with a book contract it usually means editorial corrections and back and forth negotiations over titles and characters. Don't even get me started about promoting the book, something I work hard with Todd on for his four novels and of course his non-fiction work, Novelist's Boot Camp.

So, what is wrong with us? I keep hearing the Church Lady on SNL say, "Well, aren't you special!"

Well, yes, we are. Writers record history, they record life and through their lens we and future generations just might espy scenes of life that might otherwise be lost. We are a camera in a way for current and future generations. But it comes at a cost.

Most of us work fulltime jobs - we have to. Most writers are not employed by a company with benefits. Writers typically are self-employed and 'freelance' whether it's writing articles or works of fiction or nonfiction. These commitments leave less time for family, friends and other pursuits. Still, most writers wouldn't have it any other way. They can't help themselves.

Todd and I - and the kid - are leaving towards the end of April to fly to Houston for the Romantic Times Book Lovers convention. I often tell people that my family doesn't go on vacation we go to writers conferences. We probably won't get outside the hotel much - Todd is presenting one of his Novelist's Boot Camps and I am assisting. We will try but we will also be very tired after long, long days of networking and doing what writers do at conferences.

We're lucky in that the whole family - all three of us at the moment - participate in this writing adventure. Otherwise, I'd look at my husband and consider him possessed.

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