Sunday, April 29, 2007

An Overnight Success

Todd and I just returned on Saturday from the Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention in Houston where we met up with some friends and acquaintances. One of those who we definitely consider a friend is Kate Douglas ( Kate is just a wonderful person.

We first met Kate at an Epicon conference in Washington State in 2002 - soon after the organization started. Todd and Kate both have novels published with Hardshell Word Factory, an independent publishing house that has given many authors a chance to publish and in some cases start and build successful careers.

Kate's publishing carrer has begun to skyrocket as you can see from her website mentioned above. She is now published with Kensington and has a loyal and growing readership for her Wolf Tales and Sexy Beast series. Kate and Todd were marveling at the overnight success label that often is placed on writers and other artists who have suddenly made it big - or so it seems. The overnight success is often the result of decades of hard work. Both Kate and Todd have a long history in the field of writing to inlcude newspapers, academia, freelance work and corporate communications. They've both worked extremely hard and they both have loving and supportive spouses.

So what sets writers like Kate and Todd apart from some others? In my opinion both are hard-working professionals who've paid their dues. Despite many obstacles, they've persevered because they've continued to work hard until they found an outlet for their voice.

I often say there are two types of writers who will never be published - those who give up and those that die.

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